The Little Taggy series is committed to storytelling in its best form. The stories are short yet packed with information wrapped in a hint of magic. They can be read over and over again. The enchanting illustrations invite children to explore the pictures, tickling their curiosity.

Little Taggy books are targeted at children age 1-4 and concentrate on the pedagogy of the under three-year-old child, but there is no reason why older kids couldn’t read them too.

The goal of the Little Taggy series is to get parents, grandparents, godparents – adults in general – and children to do things together. Even though the series handles the emotional skills, strengths and early learning skills of children, the main priority is to encourage wonderful experiences between adults and children.

Inside the back cover there is a letter full of useful tips for Big Taggys, including: things to do with children; tips on how to develop children’s talents in the specific topic handled in the story, for example how to deal with tantrums in positive, fabled ways; different ways to read the story; bringing the story alive with color; plays to create around the story, maybe even whole new worlds; a forest task to do together; and so much more!

About the creators:

Jennifer Loiske lives in Finland in Naantali, which is a small sunny town on the southwest coast. Naantali is best known for Moomins and its music festivals. By day, Jennifer teaches the future of our beautiful world, children. By night she envelopes herself in the dark creatures of the night. Vampires, demons, witches, shape shifters … but even though they are mostly fiction, you can find a hint of truth in every story.

Jennifer loves to research, so every time she gets an idea for a new story she has a crazy Google session looking for places, old myths, names, folklore, magical items … anything that could spice up her story and make it more real for her readers. Jennifer’s stories for teens and young adults can be found on Amazon worldwide. 

Jennifer is also part of Authors For Charity, an international author alliance. She is a pre-school teacher by profession. 

Hanna Mattila is a versatile artist whose world is filled with angels, fairies, monsters, and elves. She has created art from jewels, stones and painting, and her energy treatments along with her singing bowls sessions are out of this world.

Hanna lives in Finland in Taivassalo, which is a small town on the southwest coast. Taivassalo has the most fishermen in the whole archipelago of Finland. Hanna explores the universe with a hint of magic in her pocket. Her heart is always open to children, both her own and those she cares for in her job. 

Hanna has a bachelor degree in Applied Arts and is a governess by profession.