Do you remember those sunny days when we lay on the grass and watched the sky? I do! So why not give our kids the same experience, the feeling of floating and just enjoying while watching the sky. Taggy loves this and so does my kids.

Go somewhere. Anywhere! Go to the forest, park, balcony…or imagine going there and lay on your living room floor. Put a blanket on the grass…be still…what do you see? Close your eyes and listen. Do you hear anything?

If you put your hand on your belly, can you feel your breathing? The way your belly moves up and down…now, feel your surroundings, let it relax you…calm you. Move your hand on your heart. What do you feel? Can you feel your heartbeat if you’re very still?

Can you see the clouds? What do they look like? Can you see shapes in there?

This is very simple activity to do with the kids and they love it. I’ve found that even the liveliest kids can relax with this activity and enjoy the ease it brings them.

You can also tell a story while you’re laying there…maybe a story about some forest animal who got lost…what adventures did it experience. Or did you see a fairy while walking in the forest…did you hear it sing…please, remember that this activity is supposed to calm children not scare or make them tensed up.

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