Our story

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

How did all this begin…

The idea of Little Taggy series has been in my drawer for years. Finding its form, target group and of course the type of illustration I thought would be the best for it. But as so often the life got in a way and year after year I had to put it aside. Maybe it even needed to be put aside at that time…and then destiny brought Hanna and me together.

We both worked in a kindergarten, struggled to fit a form of art in our busy lives and had a passion for nature and the wonders it could offer to a small child. We didn’t know if it was going to work, if you liked it or how we could ever fit this project with our day jobs. But the feedback we got was fabulous. The test readings and children’s reaction to our little creature and his adventures, the games and to-do thingies we created around the creature…WOW! We never thought kids would immediately fall in love with them. So, here we are, ready to put our heart and souls on a plate for you and your children.

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