Welcome to Little Taggy’s world!


“Deep in the woods, hidden well, a small nutshell, which was tied with thin strands of hay to the roof of a nest in a very old pine tree, swayed gently in the soft summer wind. A tiny head, with hair full of tangles, peeked from the shell, and hands, small and dirty, rubbed eyes as dark as carbon, which were barely recognizable under the messy mop of hair.”

You found us! Brilliant! Little Taggy and his friends have been waiting for a very long time for you and your little ones to find them.

We’ve categorized our posts into few easily navigated section. By clicking the categories you will find fun things to do together, little stories and activities for children, information kits, games, giveaways and lots of other great stuff.

For example:

For Big Taggys – category will provide you useful tips, links and things to do with children; tips on how to develop children’s talents in the specific topic handled in the story, for example how to deal with tantrums in positive, fabled ways; different ways to read the story; bringing the story alive with color; plays to create around the story, maybe even whole new worlds; a forest task to do together; and so much more!

For Little Taggys -category you will find short stories, games and pictures which will invite children to explore the pictures a little bit closer, tickling their curiosity and teaching them a thing or two while they’re exploring the story.

Forest – activities you can do together in a forest OR in your home. There will always be two options, so no worries if you don’t live nearby a forest.

The goal of the Little Taggy series is to get parents, grandparents, godparents – adults in general – and children to do things together. Even though the series handles the emotional skills, strengths and early learning skills of children, the main priority is to encourage wonderful experiences between adults and children.

So let’s have fun and learn while reading!

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