Do you remember those sunny days when we lay on the grass and watched the sky? I do! So why not give our kids the same experience, the feeling of floating and just enjoying while watching the sky. Taggy loves this and so does my kids. Go somewhere. Anywhere! Go to the forest, park, balcony…or … More Clouds!


What an amazing time spring is! You can literally see the nature waking up. Little crawlies coming out under their hiding places, trees getting their leaves, flowers blooming…and butterflies! Those wonderful, colorful creatures flying around us, bringing joy each time they pass us by. So today we made butterflies of our own. At first we … More Butterflies!

Release coming soon!

That’s right! We are releasing, SUPER TAGGY, the first part of Little Taggy series soon! Blurb: Deep in the forest, behind the thick, dark-green branches, lives a teeny-weeny troll boy, Little Taggy. He’s curious, fearless, sometimes a bit cranky, and always ready for an adventure. Just like you. And yes, he gets scared, laughs uncontrollably, … More Release coming soon!

Our story

“It takes a village to raise a child.” How did all this begin… The idea of Little Taggy series has been in my drawer for years. Finding its form, target group and of course the type of illustration I thought would be the best for it. But as so often the life got in a … More Our story